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  • We are redefining what living well means: Savoring our meals, laughing over a glass, and appreciating the joy of life through travel.


If you think you have a great story for Wine and Food Travel, let us know!

The world is great and vast and as much as we’d love to, we just can’t possibly cover it all on our own. Our love for anything Wine, Food & Travel is shared by many of you around the globe, and we’d love for readers around the world to submit their stories and experiences.

You don’t have to be an expert writer, just possess a love and passion for helping us appreciate what we have. Your opinion matters to us! As a writer, you will receive full credit and recognition for your work. Not only that, you get the bragging rights to being a writer with our magazine! Swanky!

Whether it’s a story, news bit you’ve read or an article that you’d like to write, contact us and describe the story so that we can see if it’s a good fit. If it is, we’ll contact you and ask for more!

Here are some reasons as to why you would like to write for WAFT:

  • You’d like to us to consider a new artisan, urban farm, sustainable restaurant, eco-trail or something along the Wine & Food Travel topic lines.
  • You have a blog, book, company or product you’d like to send for possible review.
  • You have a festival you’d like us to mention.
  • Or, we may do a call for stories on specific issues, so keep your eyes out for Monthly Topics!

Your stories are published exclusively on While we’d love to have them posted here only, you will retain ownership of the article and the right to remove it if you so wish or post them elsewhere.

Here’s what you do to submit something to Wine & Food Travel:

Email all article submissions or story ideas to

Please include your:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Website or Blog Address
  • A summary of your story, article or festival. This article will not appear on the WAFT website. We simply want to have a look at a sample of your writing and find out what your story is all about. If the story is not in alignment with Wine & Food Travel, we will let you know and possibly suggest other topic ideas.

We make every effort to contact you within seven days from date of submission.

We reserve the right to:

  1. Accept or reject any submission;
  2. Edit any submission;
  3. Return any article to you for editing for grammar, length, quality of content, etc.

Finally, here is some additional Contact Information

General Inquiries
Get Involved
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