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One of the top 3 U.S.Cities for Foodies…Vegas?
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I recently came across this article about some of the best U.S. Cities for “Foodies” and was surprised (almost shocked) to see Las Vegas included in the Top 3. I have to confess, in all of my travels, Las Vegas has never even been on the “bucket list.” I have nothing against the city, I just don’t gamble.  I don’t find it entertaining to play slots or black jack, and I really never believed all of those folks who claimed that there was “so much to do besides gambling in Vegas.”  After coming across this recent article, I decided that Las Vegas was worth looking into and even worth considering for a small getaway..if nothing else, than for the food.

Some of the best restaurants that were rated by Zagat in Las Vegas have incredible reviews added to their credentials.

1. The Steak House – Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel Resort and Casino

This well renowned steak house has been rated as one of the top steak restaurants in the United States. For the “meatatarian”, this is heaven. They post every cut of beef on the menu that you can think of, including a mesquite grilled steak.  This is a classic American steakhouse, including its ambiance.  The service is impeccable and its long standing reputation speaks for itself.

2. Sage – Artisanal American Cuisine

This restaurant’s “farm to table” philosophy and use of seasonal ingredients to create unique and fresh dishes is a true hit. For many international travelers, this restaurant is a well known favorite with dishes as exotic as “Fois Gras Custard Brulee” as an appetizer to something as simple as a N.Y strip with beef marrow and potatoes.  Many of the dishes also include some unique purees and reductions such as the “Maine Day Scallops” with a braised oxtail, wild mushrooms and and a salted caramel reduction.

3. Lotus of Siam

Named by readers as one of the “best Thai food experiences in the country”,this unassuming restaurant serves up an authentic, fresh and a delectable Thai experience that makes you think you are in Bankok.  Exotic menu items include fried sea bass on drunken noodles, garlic prawns and classics such as red curry chicken and roasted duck curry.

4. Sen of Japan

This “off the strip” restaurant offers a incredible tasting menu that has everything to brag about. The dinner menu includes grilled and braised entrees including a Kobe Beef Sukiyaki Style with Foie Gras and a Japanese Charcoal Sumibi-Yaki (charcoal grilled meats and seafood).  Reviewers praise the quality of the sushi at Sen of Japan with a menu packed with variety and quality.

5. Picasso at the Bellagio

To dine while surrounded by the artistry of Picasso will cost a “pretty penny,” however the experience would be worth it if you enjoy art as much as food. For those interested in everything that is deemed luxurious, this is the place.  An incredible ambiance, spectacular views of the fountains, impeccable service and a menu that “nouveaux classique.”  Picasso offers a variety of menus including a pre-theater menu, “prix fixe” and a full vegetarian menu option that leaves no one hungry.  A wine pairing offering is also available for those who want a full five star experience.

These are just a few of the “creme de la creme” food experiences in Vegas, so even if you don’t “play the slots” or care for a hand at black jack, you can still enjoy the incredible dining experiences in Vegas and like me, realize that there is more to “Sin City” than gambling after all.


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Article: Vinnie Recile, Editor for WAFT

Photo Credits:

Photo 1: Las Vegas sign by BlueRidgeWalker (Flickr)

Photo 2: Steak by bour3 (Flickr)

Photo 3: Sage Restaurant by Muy Yum (Flickr)

Photo 4: Lotus of Siam by Muy Yum (Flickr)

Photo 5: Sen of Japan by Bradford Law




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