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Decant Yourself at Ram’s Gate Winery
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Wine: Decant Yourself at Ram's Gate Winery

Ram’s Gate Winery is an elite escape from the bustling demands of everyday life. Entering the property is like pressing the “pause” button to simply enjoy the moment. From atop a peaceful hill that marks the gateway to Sonoma Valley; watch and laugh as the rest of the world drives by in a hurry to get wherever they are going, and take comfort in the assured notion that Ram’s Gate is the perfect place to be, and now is exactly the right time to be there.

The modernized rustic atmosphere inspires a rejuvenating excitement with the concept of getting older, and an appreciation for one’s experiences that led up to this pinnacle occasion. Put the upward climb aside long enough to enjoy being king of the hill and wallow in the luxuries thought only to be afforded by the ruling classes.

Relaxed and elegantly refined, Ram’s Gate makes an exceptional stop off for the beginning of a trip from the city, or the end of an evening commute. The tasting room wine bar stays open until 6pm and reservations are not required. For reserved visits, Ram’s Gate also offers bistro quality food pairings and outdoor picnics next to their pond. The patio seating area on the backside of the property overlooks endless acres of rolling vineyards and an untouched preserve that is home to a variety of unique bird species. From this hilltop vantage point, guests can feel the weight of the enormously serene skyline. The result is analogous to decanting a finely aged bottle of premium “Carneros Pinot”; popping the cork, releasing the pressure, and taking time to breathe in the surroundings.


A special upside to Ram’s Gate is their available 90 minute seated tastings. So many wineries in the area have only casual stand-up wine bars which gets tiresome on the body after a day of tasting. The ‘turn and burn’ mentality found throughout the valley does not apply here, as the warm staff encourages patrons to fully digest the extravagant emotional impact which the property instills. The experience leaves guests with a refreshing massage to the palate, and for foodies,wine lovers, and admirers of immense beauty, to the soul itself.

Ram’s Gate is the first winery to see on the way into Sonoma and it should not be missed. The only issue that may arise with starting a Sonoma trip off at Ram’s Gate is that it remains a difficult experience to outshine.


Article by Tyson Scheumann


Photo 1: Decaseconds (Flickr)

Photo 2: Andria Lo (Flickr)

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