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A Little Argentinian Passion
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Regional Spotlights: A Little Argentinian Passion

Why Not Try a Wine Tour of Chile and Argentina?

Whether you have a taste for Uruguayan tannat, or Chilean carmenere, it’s fair to say that Latin American wines are on the up. Latin American countries such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay are becoming increasingly adept at producing excellent quality wines that are both affordable and tasty. Whilst you can pop to your local liquor store and buy any of these fantastic wines straight from the shelf, how much nicer would it be to take a vacation and savor the wines in the country and climate that produced them?

 Dedicate Your Vacation to Wine Tasting

The perfect way to explore the wide variety of wines the region has to offer is to take yourself on a food and wine cruise of Latin America. Although France and Italy are the countries perhaps most famed for their wines, Chile and Argentina are now producing some of the finest wines in the world and so if you’re a wine lover they are essential countries to visit on your world-wide wine tour! If you opt to take a specialist wine cruise, you can travel to each of the countries and explore their wines and vine yards with an expert wine taster on hand to discuss grape varieties, teach you the art of wine tasting, and answer any regional wine-based questions you have. Of course, you’ll also enjoy ample samples of wine on your ship as you travel to your destination too! It’s a great way to explore a world of food and wine just waiting to be discovered.


Why try Chilean Wine?

Chile is the perfect place to visit both for wine tasting and for a cultural and historical vacation. The Chilean port of Valparaiso has a rich history as one of the most important trading posts on the Pacific Coast. As such it buzzes today with an established and historic ambience, and is a key port stop for many Latin American cruises. It is the perfect base to start your exploration of Chilean wine from. Travel into Central Chile where you’ll find that the climate is warm and temperate (not unlike the wine-growing regions of France) and the soil is rich: making it the perfect wine growing environment. Chilean wine tends to be full, fruity, and very easy to drink. Both red and white Chilean wines are equally palatable. Why not pay a visit to the easily accessible Valdivieso Vineyard? This vineyard was double award winner at the 8th Annual Wines of Chile Awards. They offer a great range of high end wines that heighten the senses of everyone who drinks them; the body is full and they combine superior quality with a distinct and extraordinary flavor. You’ll also fine sparkling wines with bright highlights and floral notes. Guaranteed to be potent on the palette, a trip to Chile wouldn’t be complete without trying one of these fruity wines.

Argentina is currently the fifth largest wine producer in the world. Like much of Argentine culture, the history and flavors of Argentinian wine have their roots in Spain. The high altitude and low humidity of the region make Argentina the ideal environment for growing organic wine: so if you like to go green when picking up a bottle of wine then Argentina is the perfect place to visit. You can even visit an organic vineyard such as Bodega Cecchin: one of 35 organic wineries in the country. This is a truly artisan family-run organic winery that produces very distinctive and unique flavored wines: they have leathery and mushroom overtones, rather than the fruity tastes of traditional Argentine wines. You will find some beautiful red wines in Argentina, so it is also the perfect place to visit if you have a passion for rich red wines. If you’re in Argentina and want a glass of red wine then look for a Malbec: this is a dark red wine that has been aged in oak. It has a gentle and velvety texture with overtones of black cherry, blackberry and aromatic spices. This wine is a true flavor of Argentina and all the tastes and sensation of the region are reduced into just one glass of perfection! Latin American wine really is delicious: why not make it the basis of your next vacation and have a truly decadent and delicious trip!?




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